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Just Before the Family Meal

Family meal times are getting a lot of press right now, and high time. Recent articles in The Christian Science Monitor by Mary Beth McCauley and the New York Times by Susan Dominus as well as the Huffington Post’s on-going

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Lillian Firestone, Author of The Forgotten Language of Children

Link to transcript Excerpts from the book (not included in the transcript are read at the end of the recording The work described in The Forgotten Language Language of Children: A Journey in Living Authentically is based on the ideas

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Peggy Orenstein: What was (and was not) in “Cinderella Ate My Daughter”

Peggy Orenstein is gracious and open. In this transcript of my interview with her in late January, you’ll see that she does not stand above the fray. As a parent of a young child herself, she knows the pressures that

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Rachel Prabhakar: Perpective from a Jewish-Hindu household

Here’s another story of a family where there are intentional alternatives to the popular culture.  The world is not “media-saturated” for these children.  In fact, Rachel Prabhakar , who lives in New Hampshire with her husband and two daughters, ages 

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Ozlem Parlak, Muslim parent

This interview is among those I’ve recorded that are categorized as “alternative stories,” meaning stories of families who have found ways to side-step popular culture, at least in their homes.  We need these stories to offset the narrative of the

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